An Expert Opinion makes the difference – not another 2nd opinion. Cancer patients know that difference.

11143552_1657596077813277_6232528969219220839_nWhen Naresh and I first started Navya, many asked us why we were setting-up an organization to offer second opinions. First, who would like to second guess their doctors, especially an oncologist (after all, cancer is a dreaded mystery for most); and second, it sounded like a basic service – what’s the value. We struggled hard to explain because our vocabulary was so new. Navya was an evidence and experience-based expert decision system. First, we were focused on empowering patients with all the relevant information, from every credible source, so there is no mystery, except the destiny of the Almighty. And second, we never proposed to enable an Nth confusing second opinion for any patient. We were focused on an expert opinion, a single consensus opinion that combined relevant and applicable knowledge from clinical trials, international guidelines, outcomes of similar patients, and true experts from only the handful of true expert centers. That reconciled opinion – the expert opinion – would remove all complexity of what treatment to undertake (preventive surgery or just sit tight… surgery first or chemotherapy… benefits of radiation versus risk of incontinence or infertility… chemotherapy or new targeted therapy or both… reinduction protocol or maintenance protocol or wait and watch…)

Navya and Tata Memorial Centre, one of the world’s largest tertiary care expert cancer centers, have empowered patients from over 34 countries, and most contently from developing countries and in remote towns in India, who would have otherwise not had the privilege of an expert opinion. Every cancer patient has the right to an expert opinion. Know, and let your friends know. Expert Opinion Online at is powered by the visionary support of Tata Trusts. Together, we are working to ensure that every cancer patient is comforted and strengthened with expertise to fight.

I am one of the founders of Navya, and it is a true privilege to have this opportunity.

– Gitika Srivastava


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