Data Driven Doc: Treatment Engine or Diagnostic Service?

shutterstock_262687568Treatment Engine or Diagnostic Service? While Navya’s mission is to bring clarity to complex treatment decisions, the lines between a complex diagnosis and treatment decisions are not always
clear.  Just recently, a young active man asked us to help him as he had been diagnosed with a case of Langerhan’s Cells Histiocytosis affecting a joint, and his treating doctors were recommending radiation therapy!

Langerhan’s Cell Histiocytosis is a rare condition caused by uncontrolled growth of immature Langerhan’s Cells (a specialized type of immune cell). It usually affects the skin, bones, and lungs.

Abstracting the clinical files into our databases, too many pieces of information did not fit our knowledge bases checks and rules. The immunostains that marked the case as Langerhans didn’t quite fit. Neither did the absence of other lesions. Navya’s engines did not recommend chemotherapy (and certainly not radiation) at this juncture, and recommended further diagnostic tests. A review of the case by expert physicians at Navya broadened the differential to other rare conditions such as Erdheim-Chester disease.

too many pieces of information did not fit our knowledge bases checks and rules.

A detailed imaging and pathology review of the case has begun with Tata Memorial Centre, empowered by Navya’s new digital image reviewing platform. I am quite excited for this young man’s sake to see Navya help a patient get the right diagnosis. In the quest to build the perfect treatment decision engine, Navya has proven quite adept at picking out cases that don’t quite fit the mold.

Navya encourages physicians and patients to look just a little deeper in these cases, and find the right answer.

-Dr. Naresh Ramarajan

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