Navya Scales Access to Rare Cancer Care Expertise and Tailors Evidence-based Treatment Plans to Individuals Based on Affordability and Access to Therapies

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Navya Presents Joint Study with National Comprehensive Cancer Network at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, December 5-9, 2017

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. and SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Dec. 8, 2017 – “TMC NCG Navya Online” (Navya) has scaled access to rare cancer care expertise, tailoring evidence based treatment plans to individuals based on affordability and access to therapies. Navya, a clinical informatics system and online expert opinion service, provides evidence based multidisciplinary expert opinions within 24 hours to thousands of cancer patients around the world. Navya learns from evidence, prior tumor board decisions and quick review from expert oncologists to recommend tailored treatment plans to patients at all levels of affordability.

A joint study presented at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium on December 8, 2017 by National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) and Navya demonstrated that 88.3 percent of Navya’s treatment decisions mapped to NCCN’s Resource Stratified Framework (NCCN-RSF) for Lower Middle Income Countries (LMIC).

Navya is sensitive to the needs of resource constrained patients.  Expert oncologists from Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) – one of Asia’s largest tertiary cancer centers, and National Cancer Grid (NCG) – a consortium of 108 cancer centers and specialty centers in India, provide online opinions to patients via Navya.

In most of the world, the cancer burden is disproportionately greater than the scarce access to tumor board expertise.  Patients often do not receive evidence based treatment plans. Further, patients are resource constrained and are unable to afford or access therapies that are optimal per global guidelines like NCCN.

Since its creation in 2015, over 17,000 patients from 22 LMIC’s have reached out to TMC NCG Navya Online to receive an online expert opinion.

Dr. Ben Andersonvice chair of the NCCN Breast Panel and chair of the NCCN International Program Committee and the senior author of the study said, “While there is significant drug discovery and treatment  research happening worldwide to combat cancer, the therapies are often unviable to LMIC. Tailoring treatment plans to patient constraints is critical and Navya’s online expert opinion service does that in a scalable manner.”

Dr. Rajendra Badwe, Director of Tata Memorial Centre, stated, “In India and low and middle income countries, patients are challenged to receive evidence based therapies within available resources. NCCN-Resource Stratified Guidelines is an attempt by a globally reputable standard of care organization to determine treatment pathways based on resources.  This study shows that only 8.6 percent of parent NCCN guidelines could be mapped directly to patient care in India.  Additionally, 79.7 percent required tailoring for resource constraints, and even so 11.7 percent of guidelines did not map.  There are several expert practices in India that are not yet included in the global guidelines.  For instance, unlike TMC’s clinical practice, NCCN-RSF does not recommend shorter courses of expensive targeted therapies like Trastuzumab for patients who cannot afford year-long therapy.  Our informatics system captures and disperses such expertise to resource constrained patients nationwide.  NCCN can scale adoption and learning of resource constrained treatment guidelines by leveraging on the ground systems.”

Dr. Naresh Ramarajan, Founder of Navya and Chief Medical Officer further stated, “Navya’s vision is to transform delivery of cancer expertise to impact cancer care at a global level. This study shows that the informatics based system and online service is scalable and individualized to each patient’s condition and constraints. Expanding the reach of this service across the developing world can maximize outcomes for financially underprivileged patients.”

National Cancer Grid (NCG), Tata Memorial Centre (TMC)

The NCG is a consortium of 108 cancer centers, with a mandate to standardize cancer care, nationally. NCG is the largest global network of cancer centers collaborating to use technology and training to bring cancer expertise to every oncologist and cancer patient in India. TMC is Asia’s largest leading tertiary care expert cancer center, seeing over 67,000 cancer patients every year. Its strength necessitates a responsibility to make its expertise available to patients across India and developing countries, especially those who reside in locations where there are no expert cancer care centers.


Navya is a clinical informatics and patient services organization with a unique understanding of cancer patients and oncologists and a core commitment to cancer care. With a proven track record of successfully implementing innovative solutions that are low cost and effective, Navya is the first to develop technology systems specific to Indian cancer data for use by cancer patients and oncologists in India.


Contact:  Gitika Srivastava |

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