Mohan Plakkot joins hands with Navya to support the growth of our mission in cancer care.

Mohan Plakkot, an investor and growth capitalist from Montreal, Canada is advising Navya, a Cambridge, Massachusetts and Bangalore, India based organization to leverage global resources in digital health technology and scale the impact of Navya worldwide.   

Cambridge, MA and Montreal, Canada, January 9th, 2021: We are happy to welcome Mohan Plakkot to our team of advisors who are unwavering in their support of our vision and mission in cancer care.  Plakkot reached out to Navya with an interest in learning about the technological assets and operations with an eye of acquisition.  He is the founder and CEO of Embrace Software and has years of experience identifying companies that may benefit from growth capital, human resources, and cross border business development.  We always welcome interest and industry learnings for Navya as our work is at the center of technology, operations, and worldwide trends in healthcare.  We were happy to engage in a conversation.  For Plakkot, that conversation turned into an admiration for our core mission:  to impact every cancer patient in India, and he understood our vision for a global impact; this is only possible with steady, sustained efforts and he came forward to help us.  

“I am involved personally because I believe in the team, the cause and the clinical and patient validation; and surprised how under the radar Navya is despite their success. It enables Embrace to be better aligned to consider a strategic investment. ”  Plakkot’s words are testimony to the ethos of Navya.  It appeals at a personal level as Navya was founded through personal experiences as patients, caregivers, and physicians in a dynamically evolving world of cancer care; new therapies and promises flood the market, credibility is scarce but exists in pockets of cumbersome access, and the right data, expertise, and infrastructure can absolutely turn around the outcomes for any cancer patient.  Plakkot struck a chord with founders Gitika and Naresh and we look forward to leveraging each others’ energies for cancer patients.

“Mohan’s insights on connecting with impact investors and valuing the operation that we have built, with over a 100 people relentlessly innovating and delivering as technologists, clinical data analysts, and patient advocates has encouraged me personally to value and pitch Navya Care on a global platform,” said Gitika Srivastava, founder and CEO of Navya.  Dr Naresh Ramarajan, founder and chief medical officer, who leads the cancer informatics and data sciences at Navya, looks forward to Plakkot’s networks in technology development and infrastructure resources to scale Navya’s development partnerships at low costs. 

Embrace acquires-to-operate and invests in niche software businesses with the goal to complement the founders strengths; and help them reach their true potential.  There are strategic opportunities with current and potential assets that Embrace acquires; for example with one of the telemedicine players, that Embrace is in discussions with.  Telemedicine has heated up in the post Covid era. What Navya has is beyond telemedicine and has been one of the pioneers in delivering online services to patients with a patented platform that structures patient data for rapid online reviews by cancer experts worldwide.  Navya is partnered with Tata Memorial Centre and National Cancer Grid in India, and together we evision that every cancer patient is guided by the expertise of the world’s best experts.  The right treatment plan is critical to the best outcome, and the combination of people, process, and technology at Navya enables delivery of a cost effective and time efficient online solution for cancer patients.  We are thrilled to continue this journey with the support of Mohan Plakkot.

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