Data Driven Doc: A Clear Way Forward

Navya’s new technology platform to review images is helping us clinch staging and diagnosis accurately to guide treatment opinions for patients with even more precision than before.


Just a couple of weeks ago, we had the heart crushing situation of a 20-year-old woman who had undergone surgery for an aggressive advanced cancer in the abdomen. After surgery, her PET-CT was still lighting up with growths along some of her blood vessels. The patient wasn’t sure if this meant that she had residual cancer, especially since a biopsy of the nodules was nondiagnostic.

Navya was able to immediately provide an evidence based, expert opinion.

Prior to our imaging review platform, we would have requested the patient to come in person to reconcile the images with the biopsy. Now, with Navya’s review of the clinical details, and our online surgical expert’s review of the images confirmed the sad news that indeed, the patient’s surgery had not been curative. However, Navya was able to immediately provide an evidence based, expert opinion recommending specific additional chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation to affect a cure.

We were also approached by a patient in Chennai with back pain and difficulty walking, with an undiagnosed growth in his spinal cord. Our expert radiologists and neurosurgeons in Mumbai were able to confirm that a patient’s spinal cord tumor appeared benign. Navya’s evidence and experience review pointed clearly towards an immediate surgical resection of the lesion, and our experts agreed. The patient had a clear way forward with a reassurance that the images had been scoured by expert neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons, and incorporated into Navya’s evidence based expert opinion.

-Dr. Naresh Ramarajan

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